Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Softer World

However, I have been shuffling through the archives of A Softer World ( The website was created by two friends, one who takes pictures and the other who puts words to those pictures to create little comic strips. Some of them are happy. Some are sad. Some are funny. Some are just plain weird. But I like them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey, Good Lookin'. Whatcha Got Cookin'?

How's about cookin' somethin' up with me?

I grew up around country music (hence the Hank Williams song lyrics), and I grew up around a lot of good food. I never used to consider myself a great chef (I once burned microwave popcorn), but I am getting a lot better. I can now cook a variety of delicious dinners, including chicken parmesan, pierogis (see photographs below), lasagna, and meatloaf. I can make a few appetizers, such as artichoke dip and pepperoni rolls, and I am also learning how to bake yummy desserts and treats.

Although I like the thought of taking all the credit, I have to give credit where credit is due. My family has always agreed to be my guinea pigs, and I thank them for that. And I need to thank my new obsession, the Cooking Channel.

I especially enjoy watching Giada De Laurentiis, Sandra Lee, and Ina Garten. I do enjoy watching each of these chefs cook, but I also like who each of them are (or, at least, what I can tell from TV and the internet). Giada De Laurentiis was born in Rome; her mom was an actress and her dad was a producer. When Sandra Lee was a preteen, she helped raise her five brothers and sisters when her mother became ill. Ina Garten used to be a White House nuclear policy analyst. Seriously? Why can't all people be this interesting?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Can You Pass the Ketchup, Please?

In one of my education classes, my professor was showing my class creative ways on how to teach little kids about heat transfer. My professor brought in some lava lamps so we could discuss the processes of conduction, convection, and radiation. But they weren't just any ordinary lava lamps. They were ketchup lava lamps!

Yes, you can buy lava lamps that are made out of ketchup bottles. I've seen them for sale online at Walmart, Meijer, and They also have orange juice bottle lava lamps.

Is it just me, or would these look super awesome in a kitchen?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peanut Butter Cups

Today I had to stop by Godiva at a nearby mall to buy "thank you" gifts for some guest speakers for an event I planned. I decided a while back to become part of Godiva's rewards program, and part of that lets you pick out a free chocolate each month. Since I was there, I decided to pick out my free piece. I was browsing the counter, and then I saw it. A delicious-looking, divine, mouthwatering peanut butter cup. But the rules of the rewards program say you can't get a chocolate-covered fruit or larger sized piece for your free chocolate. Unfortunately, the peanut butter cup was considered a larger sized piece. But the woman working at Godiva let me have it for free! I don't think you can really even begin to understand how excited I was until you see a picture of the peanut butter cup yourself, so here it is:

And if you think this peanut butter cup looks absolutely amazing, it tastes ten times better. I know, I know. You're thinking to yourself, "But how can that be? Even more delicious than it looks? But it looks so decadent as it is. Can this even be possible?" And the answer is yes, yes it is possible.

There was a heavenly pool of creamy, smooth peanut butter just waiting for me to bite into it. And the chocolate itself complimented the peanut butter perfectly.

I feel like I'm going on and on like a cheesy romance novel. And perhaps I am. But if you could only taste it, you would understand. Oh, you'd know.